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by Jennifer Collins
Commerce Ventures and MRV Banks Join Grow Credit Inc.
"Grow Credit, a financial inclusion platform, today announced that Commerce Ventures, will be joining its seed funding round alongside lead investor Mucker Capital, and Minal Hasan, founder at K2 Global Ventures, who joined as an angel investor in addition to taking an advisory position."
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by Dean Takahashi
1% of venture-backed startup founders are Black. Here’s how one entrepreneur beat those odds
"Just 1% of venture-funded startup founders are Black, according the Crunchbase startup database. This means Joe Bayen, who runs a small company called Grow Credit, has beaten the odds."
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by Joseph Bayen
A Black Founder’s Guide To Raising A $2M Institutional Seed Round
"The road to successfully raise an institutional round is hazardous and extremely hard for any founder and downright impossible as a minority, particularly as a black founder where, according to CrunchBase, only 1% are expected to reach the milestone."
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by Jonathan Shieber
Grow Credit, which builds credit scores by paying for online subscriptions, gets Mucker cash
"Grow Credit, the startup that launched last year to help customers build out their credit scores by providing a credit line for online subscriptions like Spotify and Netflix, has added Mucker Labs as an investor and closed its seed round with $2 million in total commitments."
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by Kelly Dilworth
New Mastercard helps users build credit with online subscriptions
"The Grow Credit Mastercard requires no credit check, but its credit limits are tiny and you can’t use it like a traditional card"
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by Jonathan Shieber
Using Spotify and Netflix payments to build your credit score? Grow Credit has a service for that.
"Can subscriptions and everyday payments be used to help build or rebuild a credit score? The Los Angeles-based Grow Credit thinks so."
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by Grow Credit
Grow Credit Announces Free Loan Service to Build Credit
"Grow Credit Announces Free Loan Service to Build Credit By managing subscription payments, it aims to help 90 million Americans."
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